The Thrill-is-Gone Syndrome

The Thrill-is-Gone Syndrome

(This is part 1 of a 7-part series on “Warning Signs That it Might be Time to Sell Your Business”)

The thrill-is-gone syndrome. Also known as burnout or the dread factor, this is when you just don’t feel like continuing on anymore. You are probably still very capable of running your business, but even the days that are very profitable don’t get you excited or give you a burst of happy emotions.

On the flip side when negative things occur, such as the breakage of items in your business or receiving a notification of an audit, this makes you irrational and upset instead of understanding that things like this are just part of the running a business.

Burnout is very common, but you have to be able to recognize it. The old saying that, “You should make your vocation your vacation” is very true. When you do this you will never have to go to “work”. If you are feeling burned out from your business, take off for a week or two. Get away from it and see if your batteries are recharged when you get back to the business. If you come back recharged and ready to tackle the problems instead of avoid them, then you will probably be OK.

But if you are still in the burnout mode upon your return, it may be time to consider entering checkout mode. If you experience prolonged bouts of burnout or the thrill-is-gone syndrome, it might be time to sell your business.


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