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Terry Monroe is the one to call when you’re thinking about selling your business because he’s been there before – over 800 times. A four-time author, expert media source, and a business owner himself, he can speak to every step of the business sale process.

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Professional Intermediary | Advisor | Consultant | Market Maker

Terry and his team are a working force of experienced professionals from the fields of real estate, mergers and acquisitions, franchising, legal, and accounting acting as professional intermediaries and market makers for successful individuals who own privately held companies. In addition to helping business owners buy and sell businesses, Terry also works with business owners who are contemplating the selling of their business by serving as a consultant and working with them to prepare their businesses for sale.

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Hidden Wealth is an easy-to-read manual for successful business owners who are considering selling their business in the next twelve to twenty four months. As in any successful venture, preparation is the key to being successful and in Hidden Wealth, Terry talks not only about the steps to prepare a business for sale, but also the emotional side of the process, which is often overlooked. Terry is also the author of Selling With Certainty, The Art of Buying & Selling a Convenience Store, and The Art of Business Brokerage.

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Professional Intermediary & Market Maker for Privately Held Companies

Terry Monroe has been in the business of establishing, operating, consulting and selling businesses for more than 35 years. As President and founder of American Business Brokers & Advisors, he serves as an advisor and consultant for business buyers and sellers throughout the nation. His knowledge and expertise in business sales has led to many multi-million dollar transactions and earned him a position as an expert source, appearing in The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur magazine, CNN Money, USA Today, and more.

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