You Are Not a Superhero, and You Are Not Going to Live Forever!

Most people do not like change. Instead, they want things to be constant and uneventful, and they delude themselves into thinking that nothing will change—that everything will stay the same and everyone will live happily together forever after. The truth is that most people will have significant life-impacting events such as a death in the […]

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Who is Terry Monroe?

I can best be described as a Professional Intermediary, with achievement degrees in Entrepreneurship, Education, Law, Accounting, Finance, Operations, Management and Psychology. I work primarily with privately owned businesses in helping them to decide if the time is right to sell their business and if so help them to prepare their business for sale. It […]

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How Do I Prepare for the Sale? Chapter 1 of my book “Hidden Wealth” The Secret to Getting Top Dollar for Your Business wastes no time addressing how a business owner prepares themselves for the selling of their business, because when selling ones business you can’t be “half pregnant”. I share stories of what to […]

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