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Transactions completed under the guidance of Terry Monroe:


Terry Monroe has the decades of personal experience to guide you through the valuation and sale of your business. Having worked with business owners to facilitate hundreds of sale transactions, he is keenly aware of the nuances in valuing and selling  businesses. And, he has walked in your shoes as an owner and operator of 40+ businesses himself. 

As an advisor, Terry believes in creating the least disruptive environment for the seller as possible. His goal as an advisor is to ensure you are on the right track to prepare your business for sale when you decide the time is right, while always remembering that ultimately, you are in control. It is your business and only you will know when you are ready to sell. There are many times that Terry has worked with a business owner and advised them not to sell their business because the time was not right or the business was not ready. That is what an advisor will do: give the business owner advice on the reality of the business and situation.


If you are looking for a shorter-term engagement, Terry offers consulting services for current or prospective clients without a long-term engagement. When consulting with business owners, Terry is able to leverage his experience to help problem-solve or tackle specific issues. When working as a consultant, he will sit down with you, see the business you have built, develop a plan from valuation to sale, and walk with you each step of the way – through the financial, legal, and emotional aspects of selling your business – guiding you and making sure you get the highest possible value for your business.

Buyer Representation (My Hidden Secret Service)

Here is a hidden secret about Terry a lot of people don’t know about: In addition to helping clients sell their businesses, Terry will also occasionally be called on to represent buyers in finding and acquiring businesses. With his vast experience in working with sellers, he knows the kind of questions to ask in order to get the answers that will help the buyer acquire the business for the best price. 

If it seems the seller is unprepared to sell, Terry has the unique ability to disclose things that a buyer needs to know which will either save the buyer considerable amounts of money or make the buyer walk away. In other words, the same principles from Hidden Wealth: The Secret to Getting Top Dollar for Your Business are used, but in reverse when Terry is representing a buyer, because the goal is to get the business at a reduced price instead of the buyer paying top dollar. 

It really is not a fair fight when using Terry to help acquire a business. It is like having a golf pro as your partner in a foursome and the other side are just two regular guys. 

But, life isn’t fair. The spoils go to the one who was the most prepared and knows what they are trying to accomplish instead of going into the game by the seat of their pants.


Terry has the experience to guide you through all aspects of the sale of one’s business, from the time the initial thought comes into one’s head to the planning and preparing of the business itself to the sale of the business and each step in between. His role in over 800 sale transactions and working with over 1,000 buyers and sellers has him able to advice and consult on the following in regards to business transactions:

  • Financial Planning
  • Business Brokerage
  • Family Counseling
  • Tax Implications
  • Entity Structure
  • Real Estate Brokerage
  • Psychology of the Sale
  • Appraisals
  • Business Valuations
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Banking
  • Legal
  • Accounting
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Food Service
  • Franchising
  • Succession Planning
  • Buyer Representation


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