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If you are a business owner and want to learn more about what is entailed in preparing yourself and your business for sale, or if you are interested in my consulting services, I welcome hearing from you. With my 35+ years of experience working with business owners and helping them sell their businesses, chances are, the situation you are experiencing is one I have already encountered in the past. So please fill out this short form to contact me and let me know how I may best serve you.

Hidden Wealth - The Secret for getting Top Dollar for Your Business
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Hidden Wealth - The Secret for getting Top Dollar for Your Business


The Secret to Getting Top Dollar for Your Business

If you are planning to sell or are considering selling your business in the next twelve to twenty-four months, you need to start planning now. But where do you even start? Selling a business is not easy. With so many things to consider, some confusion is understandable.

In Hidden Wealth, accomplished market maker and four-time author Terry Monroe shares stories of successful business people who unknowingly left millions of hard-earned dollars on the table. Often worse than the financial implication is the self-inflicted mental strain and grief that can occur when selling a business. In Hidden Wealth, you’ll learn how to realistically assess your situation, deal with the business that you have built over the years, and maximize the money you will receive when you do decide to cash out of the business.