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Terry’s New Book-The Ultimate Business Owner’s Manual



A realist’s guide to starting out, staying competitive, and growing a successful business

Running a business is hard and often comes with challenges you may have never suspected could even become problems. So how do you stay ahead of issues before they arise?

Whether you are just beginning your venture or you are a seasoned entrepreneur, The Ultimate Business Owner’s Manual has the tools you need to succeed in business.

This book features fifty bite-sized, no-nonsense tips covering the good, the bad, and the—occasional—ugly facets of doing business preventing you from being blindsided by and help you get ahead of problems before they occur.

My candid advice and actionable steps will teach you how to save time, money, and grief.

From just starting up to getting ready to sell, you will learn invaluable techniques to conquer every stage of your business journey, such as how to do the following:

• Create an effective business plan

• Price your products for maximum profits

• Establish optimal business partnerships

• And much more!

With The Ultimate Business Owner’s Manual, you will gain the confidence, preparedness, and motivation to take your business to the next level.