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Terry Monroe

Terry Monroe is a Professional Mergers & Acquisitions Expert in the Convenience Store and Petroleum Properties Industries. Terry has sold more than 500 businesses and has helped hundreds of buyers and sellers of convenience stores. He specializes in the sale of privately owned companies that have 5 or more convenience stores.

Listen to Terry’s interview on WGN Radio as he talks about his new book, “Selling with Certainty” and how some business owners come to terms with selling.

Past Clients Talk About Terry...

Janiece Maxwell

Mad Max Convenience Stores

After owning and operating our 11 convenience stores for a number of years my husband and I decided that it was time to exit the convenience store business and pursue a different industry. While we were thinking about selling we were approached by a national convenience store company who said they were interested in buying our stores and ultimately made us an offer to purchase. What we thought was going to be an easy sale tuned out to be a disaster. The buyer said one thing but did another making us believe they were going to buy our stores only for the deal to fall apart. The experience was terrible and left us with our operations being disrupted and losing employees, because of the buyer’s actions.
It was shortly after our experience with the national company that was supposedly buying our stores that we were contacted by Terry Monroe who said he understood our situation and what had happened, and he could help us sell our convenience stores. To say we were doubtful would have been an understatement. We were tired, upset and beaten down from our previous experience of being taken to the altar only to have the purchase of our stores fall through.
Ultimately Terry was able to convince us that he could sell our stores and he would manage the process and ensure us that we would accomplish our goal and sell our 11 convenience stores.
I am happy to report that is exactly what happened. Terry did find a buyer who was the right buyer who purchased our stores at the market price and Terry managed the process helping us along the way letting us know what was going to happen next and why the buyer needed certain information in order to have a successful closing.
I would recommend Terry Monroe and his company American Business Brokers & Advisors to anyone who was interested in wanting to sell their convenience stores. His experience and determination to make the sale happen was invaluable in the sale of our 11 convenience stores.

One of our convenience store selling projects

I am a professional intermediary with an expertise
in the selling of convenience stores

I am especially valuable to owners who wish to sell 5 or more convenience stores as a package or to those wishing to buy or sell a jobbership.


“If you own 5 or more convenience stores and want to sell them…
I can help you!”

Over the years I have helped dozens of convenience store owners prepare and implement the process of selling their stores. With my involvement in the sale of more than 500 businesses I have developed a process of what is the most effective way to sell a convenience store and if you are serious about selling your convenience stores I can help you accomplish your goal.

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Are you an active and financially qualified buyer who is in the market to purchase multiple convenience stores?

Most of the convenience store chains we sell never reach the open market because we maintain a list of active convenience store buyers throughout the United States.

When we are engaged by a convenience store owner to market and sell their business, we routinely have several prospective buyers already in mind who meet the criteria of the stores we have for sale.

By letting us know you are in the market to purchase convenience stores it will allow us to give you “first notice” of what is available in your market and will help us to only present you with stores that meet your business objectives.

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5 Common Mistakes Business Sellers Make

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Take some advice from a professional. Seasoned intermediary and experienced business owner Terry Monroe is offering you a chance to claim a free report based upon his decades of experience in buying and selling businesses. If you are thinking about buying or selling a business, you need to check out this offer.

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The Art of Buying and Selling a Convenience Store

The Art of Buying and Selling a Convenience Store:
Inside Secrets of a Business Broker

Are You in the market to buy or sell a convenience store? Are you an operator who wants to know more about the convenience store resale market? Is so, you must check out Terry’s book.

This book was written by gas station and convenience store industry expert Terry Monroe, a professional business intermediary, who has been involved in hundreds of convenience stores and gas stations being bought and sold. In this book Terry explains both sides of the transaction from the perspective of both the buyer and the seller. The information you will find inside comes from working directly in the selling of hundreds of convenience stores.

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Terry Monroe Has Helped More Than 100 Convenience Store Owners Sell Their Business!