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Terry Monroe

Terry Monroe is a Professional Mergers & Acquisitions Expert in the Convenience Store and Petroleum Properties Industries. Terry has sold more than 500 businesses and has helped hundreds of buyers and sellers of convenience stores. He specializes in the sale of privately owned companies that have 5 or more convenience stores.

Listen to Terry’s interview on WGN Radio as he talks about his new book, “Selling with Certainty” and how some business owners come to terms with selling.

Past Clients Talk About Terry...

Mr. Kent Satrang

PetroServe USA

I had the pleasure of meeting Terry Monroe and Bill Fecht when Bill called to ask if I would be interested in acquiring a large chain of convenience stores in our market. This was the first strength of what makes American Business Brokers successful, they have an extensive and ever growing marketing network of potential buyers and sellers. Often, I hear of a chain in our region who sells and I never knew they were for sale. They “saved the brokers fee” by selling their life’s work to the person across the street. I always wonder how much money they left on the table, by simply not putting their business up for sale in a manner where their competitors can even enter into their final and most important sales transaction. Having a specialized broker makes even more sense, because their network is industry specific to the types of businesses that want to buy your life’s work. They have a pulse on the present expansion appetite that their network of buyers has.

Once I signed their confidentiality agreement, Bill passed me on to his partner Terry Monroe. Like most people in sales, Terry has a warm and friendly professional personality. However, it didn’t take more than a few minutes to realize that Mr. Monroe knew the ins and outs of the C-Store industry like no one I had met before. I thought, this guy could write a book on the intricate details of selling and buying a petroleum business. A few weeks later I found out Terry actually had written “The Art of Buying and Selling a Convenience Store”. To level the playing field, I went out, bought a copy, and quickly read it. While my wife said, it was perhaps the most boring book in print, I could not put it down. If you are interested in exiting, entering, or expanding in this industry, this book is necessary read. If you are serious and passionate about the convenience store industry as your vocation, you can un-level the playing field to your advantage, if read and understand every page. It is an easy read, but it details every step, so a transaction will successfully play out and when the keys are handed over, you can feel confident that if you work hard, you will achieve the ROI you had planned for.

Since beginning in this industry in 1981, I have purchased twenty different petroleum businesses. Every deal and every seller was unique. There are always bumps in the road and sometimes we run into roadblocks. The recent acquisition that we did with American Business Brokers & Advisors went very smooth, because Terry had thought ahead and what would have been a roadblock already was averted, because we had discussed the potential issue and we had a Plan B. Terry is a problem solver who has seen it all before and he has the ability to walk both sides through difficult issues.

I also really appreciate the technological advantage that buying a business through American Business Brokers & Advisors provides. Some businesses do their books in a non-traditional accounting format. Terry and Bill take great pictures and explain clearly, what is for sale. If needed their team will retype the financial reports to give you a few years history and the last 12 trailing months. This allows the buyer to view trends and these reports were all on a cloud format and very easy to view. His team put past environmental reports, past year’s income tax reports, real estate tax data, departmental financials, and organizational charts and I had constant access to these critical documents. He also clearly states EBITDA and other tools the seller feels are important to a potential buyer and their lender.

It is said that at the intersection of your passion and gifts lies true success. I am confident that you will not meet two more passionate people about our industry than Terry Monroe and Bill Fecht. The thing that makes them one in a million as brokers is that passion, but even more so, it is their education and their life experiences in our industry. I would highly recommend talking to American Business Brokers & Advisors if you are thinking about selling your life’s work. You won’t do better than Terry and Bill and their staff to represent you.

One of our convenience store selling projects

I am a professional intermediary with an expertise
in the selling of convenience stores

I am especially valuable to owners who wish to sell 5 or more convenience stores as a package or to those wishing to buy or sell a jobbership.


“If you own 5 or more convenience stores and want to sell them…
I can help you!”

Over the years I have helped dozens of convenience store owners prepare and implement the process of selling their stores. With my involvement in the sale of more than 500 businesses I have developed a process of what is the most effective way to sell a convenience store and if you are serious about selling your convenience stores I can help you accomplish your goal.

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Are you an active and financially qualified buyer who is in the market to purchase multiple convenience stores?

Most of the convenience store chains we sell never reach the open market because we maintain a list of active convenience store buyers throughout the United States.

When we are engaged by a convenience store owner to market and sell their business, we routinely have several prospective buyers already in mind who meet the criteria of the stores we have for sale.

By letting us know you are in the market to purchase convenience stores it will allow us to give you “first notice” of what is available in your market and will help us to only present you with stores that meet your business objectives.

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5 Common Mistakes Business Sellers Make

These reports usually retail for $19.00 but you can grab one today for FREE!

Take some advice from a professional. Seasoned intermediary and experienced business owner Terry Monroe is offering you a chance to claim a free report based upon his decades of experience in buying and selling businesses. If you are thinking about buying or selling a business, you need to check out this offer.

Choose from one the following 6 options:

  • 5 Common Mistakes Business Owners Make When Selling their Business
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  • 10 Simple Ways to Add Revenue to Your Convenience Store
  • 7 Deadly Mistakes that Business Sellers Make

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The Art of Buying and Selling a Convenience Store

The Art of Buying and Selling a Convenience Store:
Inside Secrets of a Business Broker

Are You in the market to buy or sell a convenience store? Are you an operator who wants to know more about the convenience store resale market? Is so, you must check out Terry’s book.

This book was written by gas station and convenience store industry expert Terry Monroe, a professional business intermediary, who has been involved in hundreds of convenience stores and gas stations being bought and sold. In this book Terry explains both sides of the transaction from the perspective of both the buyer and the seller. The information you will find inside comes from working directly in the selling of hundreds of convenience stores.

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Terry Monroe Has Helped More Than 100 Convenience Store Owners Sell Their Business!