You Keep Tinkering

You Keep Tinkering

(This is part 2 of a 7-part series on “Warning Signs That it Might be Time to Sell Your Business”)

You can’t quit fidgeting with the business. By this I mean that you may be intentionally implementing programs or projects for the business that are not tied to its core products or services. If you are doing these things just have something to do, you are tinkering…and it might be time to sell your business.

This is like having Attention Deficit Disorder with a business. You may find yourself spending time and money on things that do not relate to the business or the profitability of the business. In this situation it is best to recognize your tinkering as soon as possible and ask your self why am I doing this. If the feeling keeps appearing to whimsically test ideas on your business, focus your time and talents toward other projects (i.e. involvement with local fundraisers or projects for your community) that will welcome and appreciate your talents and energy, but don’t mess up the business or its profitability.

If you keep feeling the need to tinker with a profitable business just because you need/want something to do, it may be time to sell the business and focus your energy somewhere else.


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