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Owned 40 Different Businesses | Sold More Than 800+ Businesses | Author of "Selling with Certainty"


Why Terry Monroe?


What Makes Terry Different from Other
Advisors or Transaction Intermediaries?

He knows the convenience store INDUSTRY better than any other intermediaries or transactional advisors. He works specifically in the convenience store INDUSTRY, which enables him to understand both the present and future of where the convenience store INDUSTRY is going.

He knows the convenience store BUSINESS, because he has owned and operated his own convenience store and has owned and operated over 200 retail BUSINESSES in his career as a BUSINESS owner.

He knows and recognizes the TRENDS of the convenience store business. The TRENDS tell us whether our business is losing or gaining in its market value.

He understands the PROFITABILITY of the convenience store business. Owning and operating a business is a challenge within itself, but PROFIT is what the idea of business is all about and what a business owner strives for on a daily basis.

He has ADVISED HUNDREDS of convenience stores owners and has the competence and professionalism to get the job done. He knows the nuances and ins and outs of the convenience stores business and the difference between a veeder root system and an MPD.

He strives to make the process of valuing and the selling of one’s stores “HASSLE FREE” working to move as much of details as possible from the owner to himself therefore allowing the seller do what they do best and that is run their business on a daily level.

He has walked in your shoes as an owner and an operator of multiple stores and respects what you have achieved.

He does NOT QUIT. He is extremely persistent and believes in getting the job done.

He believes in the VALUE SYSTEM, whereby if one is not creating value then they should not be involved in the process. That is why during the process of selling one’s business he prides himself on not allowing his client to be bombarded with questions, pressure, anxiety or stress that would come from a buyer asking a lot of questions and consuming his clients time.

By having DONE HUNDREDS of sales transactions over the years he has created an environment for the seller that is the most least disruptive process available. He wants to come to you. See the kind of business you have built and share in the story and the journey that you have experienced and how you achieved the success you presently have.

He believes in the law of VALUE with every relationship and every client he has ever served. Read his TESTIMONIALS for proof of the VALUE he has given to each client over the years.

Terry Monroe Has Helped Hundreds of Convenience Store Owners Sell Their Business!