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Personal Statement


Who is Terry Monroe?

I can best be described as a Professional Intermediary, with achievement degrees in Entrepreneurship, Education, Law, Accounting, Finance, Operations, Management and Psychology.

I work primarily with convenience store operators who own 5 or more convenience stores and who are focused on the divesting of their stores in the most profitable manner to them.

To best explain what my role is in the process of while working with an owner of multiple convenience stores it may be easier to describe what I am not:

I am not a financial planner, although I completely understand the process of how it works and what the end results are to be and have worked with dozens of clients in helping them find the correct direction that works best for them financially.

I am not a real estate broker who goes to a location and does a lot of measurements and kicks the bricks and checks the data on the location of the property although I have sold hundreds of properties.

I am not an accountant, although I have extensive knowledge in regards the tax ramifications of the sale of a business from an individual or a family to an outside party and work to ensure that the majority of the sale proceeds are kept with the seller, rather than to the government in the form of taxes.

I am not a business broker who works with main street businesses in the selling of delis, retail stores or dry cleaners and who only occasionally will sell a convenience store and generally does not know the difference between an MPD and a Ruby system, although I have sold dozens and dozens of main street businesses.

I am not a psychiatrist, although I understand and have extensive knowledge of the human behavior of an individual and how they will react while going through the process of selling a lifelong business, who may relate to the sale as if the selling of one’s child.

I am not a family counselor, although I have witnessed and shared many experiences of my clients who have encountered “significant life impacting events” in their life such as divorce, death, financial situations or medical issues while in the process of selling their business.

I am not a consultant who elects to direct and coach individuals from the sidelines and assume the role of a spectator, although I have a definite process that I implement that involves all parties to ensure the ultimate goal is accomplished.

I am not an appraiser who goes to individual building locations and counts the number of square feet in a parcel and runs cost, replacement and comparable analysis of the unit using charts and graphs and gives a client a hypothetical number that the unit will sell for, although I do create an accurate market valuation of a convenience store based on the real market value of that specific business in the real market of the day.

I am not a finance guy who prepares lots of proformas on excel sheets and continually adjusts the data to match the proposed outcome of an individual’s desire, although I have the knowledge and background in the preparation and reading of the proformas and have been involved in the preparation of them in my own private placement ventures and the implementation of them during the taking of my company public with an IPO.

I am not an environmental engineer, although I understand the process and particulars that are involved in the remediation process of a property in the capacity of an owner of such properties and as an intermediary.

I am not a banker, although I know and understand loan documents, loan covenants, LTV ratios, tiered liens, subordination agreements, environmental indemnification, and a host of other terms and documents that are encountered in the process.

I am not a lawyer, although I have an earned law degree in the process of selling a business and the use of the multitude of documents, i.e. bill of sale, UCC, C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC, setoffs, holdbacks, indemnification, reps and warranties, Letters of Intent, Purchase and Sale, stock sales, asset sales both as an owner and as an intermediary in the sale of the 500 plus business sales I have been involved over my career.

I am not a manager who gets paid to keep the employees in line to do their daily obligations of the business, sometimes babysitting with hopes of increasing productivity and maintaining sales, although I managed in excess of 1,000 employees in 27 states and Canada.

I am not a marketing and advertising person, although I have been involved in the marketing and advertising of 10 National Companies in the U.S. with the implementation and follow-up of both local and national marketing campaigns with tracking of all media outlets including television, radio, print and direct mail.

I am not a food service expert, although I have personally owned and operated 34 restaurants and can distinguish the difference between, food cost, paper cost, labor cost and what it takes to make a profit in the food service business.

I am not franchise representative or franchise developer, although I have owned ten different national franchises and owned my own franchise company as a franchisor and learned to write and understand the documents involved in the sale and transfer of a franchise.

I am not a professional merchandiser, although I have implemented many plan-o-grams, drawn floor plans and determined store traffic flow patterns for national companies like Wal-Mart & Disney.

I am not a real estate developer, although I have built strip malls, restaurants, office buildings, and commercial buildings from the ground up working with government officials and architects and been involved in the site selection of real estate for companies such as Arby’s, Dairy Queen, Hardees and Walgreens.

I am not a human resources manager, although I have been though the process of interviewing, hiring and firing of employees and a multitude of both State and Federal labor situations regarding employees.

I am not a tax accountant, although I have firsthand knowledge of audited financial statements, sales tax audits, and State and Federal tax audits. Both as an intermediary and as an owner to prepare a business for a public offering.

I am not an investment banker, although I generally work with convenience store owners who have more than 5 stores or who have an EBITDA of $2,000,000.00 or more and want an individual who understands the process from the beginning stages through the due diligence to the ultimate close of the transaction.

I am not a one business fits all type of person. I understand that every store location has its own personality and is a separate profit center and has to be dealt with accordingly. I learned from the best on how to work with multiple store locations and apply the principle of “making a good store great, not wasting time on trying to make a bad store good” on my own 189 retail stores.

So Who Am I?

Some would say that I am an anomaly. One who is different from the norm. I would somewhat agree with that, but I would rather say that I am one who has walked in the same shoes as the business owners whom I have worked with and have learned to respect for what they have accomplished and eventually become lifelong friends with due to our similar backgrounds and experiences.

I am one who is very focused on getting results and creating value for the people I work with and one who knows that their time is precious and finite on this wonderful world we live in. One who has experienced both medical and self inflicted life threatening situations on themselves and has learned the difference between what is really life threatening and what is really a business decision. One who has the unique opportunity to see things from the outside looking in and with fresh eyes.

Yes, you could call me an anomaly since I know something about a lot of different things in regards to the inner workings of a business operation and have the desire to help others in the accomplishing of their goals when it involves the process of moving to the next level and the selling of a lifestyle, identification and their business.

I can assure that I will not be engaging in on the job training when it comes to me selling your business, instead you will be getting the benefit my “expensive experience” not book experience to work to get you the most money for your business.


Terry Monroe

Terry Monroe Has Helped Hundreds of Convenience Store Owners Sell Their Business!