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23 Reasons


No Other Intermediary Can Give You What I Have To Offer

1  I provide you with professional and experienced advice suited exclusively for your business and the convenience store industry in preparing your business for sale. I know all of the pertinent information that is going to be needed to bring the highest value from your convenience stores is included in the presentation of your business. I know what convenience store buyers are looking for and will not waste time giving them information that is not pertinent to them.

2  I furnish you with current market intelligence that only one who works full time in the convenience store industry could possibly know, which is extremely valuable when determining how to package and how to present your business in such a way that insures a welcome reception when it goes on the market.

3  I provide you with experienced counsel in establishing an asking price high enough for you to get maximum value, but not so high that it discourages an interest in the offering from a buyer.

4  I will suggest ways to find financing so as to increase the appeal and marketability of your business. Some of these financing techniques can be built into the structure of the offering. Again, to ensure that you can capture the highest possible selling price of your business without driving prospective buyers away.

5  I will create a marketing plan for you and produce the materials that will be used to offer the business for sale tailored exclusively for your business. This requires a special use of skills borrowed from the world of advertising and marketing pertaining only to convenience stores.

6  I will expose your business and stores to my current and active database of pre-qualified buyers. Which sometimes can result in a sale in a matter of a few days.

7 I will promote your business for sale in an intelligent, aggressive and confidential manner to a specific population of buyers so the offering receives, wide controlled exposure, but with the highest confidentiality. The “controlled” aspect is designed to satisfy any concerns you may have about confidentiality.

8  I can and will enlist my network of many contacts in the convenience store industry to aid in finding a buyer specific to your business, using informal systems as well as more formal measures.

9 I am constantly gathering and analyzing feedback from the market and using it to adjust the structure of the offering to help improve marketability.   A great deal of experience, sound judgment and creativity is needed in this process that can only be applied with the many years of experience of selling hundreds of convenience stores             

10 I interview buyer candidates that are only applicable to your business to ensure they are qualified, have agreed in writing to the Seller’s requests regarding confidentiality,  and immediately eliminate those candidates who do not meet the criteria.

11 I only work with qualified, interested buyers that are specific to your business.

12 I maintain a marketing program so there are back-up offers. This important process allows you to have alternatives if the buyer does not perform, and keeps the buyer motivated to complete the purchase.

13 I engage and maintain a follow-up relationship with prospective buyers to determine  who is truly interested in the offering of your business continually providing them with any additional and needed information that will help them make a buying decision.

14 I solicit offers to purchase your business using a sales talent and art that has been applied in structuring offers specifically for the sale of convenience stores that may include various issues specific to the convenience store industry such as environmental concerns, state regulations, licenses and brand obligations.

15 I utilize creative persistence and patience for the  challenging task of orchestrating negotiations between a buyer and you. You should not have to invest your time until I have fully qualified and informed the buyer of all of the needed information. Your role in the selling process is to do what you do best and that is to continue to run and operate your business and not allow yourself to be distracted by buyers. That is what I do.

16 I will help in managing the due diligence process to make sure it is done quickly and satisfactorily so that you are able to have a smooth and incident free closing.

17 I am available and constantly maintaining my presence with all parties that are included in the transaction to answer questions and resolve issues that may surface   during the period before the closing.

18 I contribute my energy and skillful diplomacy that is sometimes required to keep your deal moving forward through the difficulties and over obstacles that comes from over 30 years of negotiating and the involvement of over 500 businesses sold.

19 I don’t stop working for you after we close the sale of your convenience stores. I continue to provide you with ongoing consultation, advice and reassurance throughout the difficult periods in a sale and after the sale.

20 When you are my client you get the experience and knowledge that I have accumulated from my personally owning and operating 35 different businesses. You are getting “Expensive Experience” from someone who has actually done it and been there and not someone who has read about it in a book and is applying theories and practicing their art on you and learning along the way at your expense. Chances are if some issue should occur or rise I have already encountered it and it will not be a surprise to me or derail your transaction. I want to make sure that you are not unnecessarily exposed to the many risks that can be inherent in a business transaction.         

21 I will personally manage and supervise all of the components and parties that directly affect the completion of the transaction to make sure  everything is done correctly and your interests are protected. I never lose sight of the goal that you engaged my services to not just to sell your convenience stores, but to get the deal closed and get money put into your account.

22 I make you money. I don’t cost money, but instead add value to the transaction. I have literally seen sellers of convenience stores give hundreds of thousands of dollars to buyers, because they thought they were saving themselves money by attempting to facilitate the sale of their stores themselves. I don’t operate convenience stores and you shouldn’t be trying to learn the process of facilitating the sale of a business, especially your business. Hire the individuals that do what they do best.

23 At the end of our journey and after you have gotten your check and everyone is back slapping and congratulating everyone for a job well done I will still be there for you. Many people are not aware that there may be more issues that may arise after the sale of the business and may need attention. I am still there for you. My services do not end with a closing. Together we take the journey and remain on the journey.

Terry Monroe Has Helped Hundreds of Convenience Store Owners Sell Their Business!